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Dutch Sinclair Magazine & periphals archive
Scans of Dutch ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, QL and Pheriphal newsletters and magazines
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. Impuls (A5)
1637 pages
. Sinclair Gebruiker
(A4 fullcolor)
complete 828 pages
. Sinclair Gids (A4)
744 pages
. Disciple (A5)
492 pages
. De Spectrum (A5)
265 pages
. SGGroep (A5)
(bad quality scan)
776 pages (off 4400??)

If any Concerned Person does Not agree PLEASE MAKE CONTACT via email mail_at_cborn.nl
Since Private adresses and telephone numbers has to remain private those items have been removed from the scans
At least 3500 SGG scans are not present (made) and the other SGG should be rescanned. Pre-impuls magazines,Opus &.... not present yet,unknown pages.
Sofware is not compleet At All so you can expect more updates

Disc image's are made with RealSpectrum-v13/v14b from original "Disciple Nieuwsbrief" discs
Some have sector errors since they were in use and got dirty since 1986-87
But i did my best to select the best images
Most programs are written for DISCiPLE in the first place so NOT EVERY program will work for +D!
EG: +D has NO network! And NO MOUSE !!
M1-M3 are 'compilations' of the first 8 issue's
Since "DISCiPLE Nieuwsbrief" in written in DUTCH most programs are aswell...!
Issue 9,14-16 have an disc-index at page 2 or 3
disc 17-26 are project discs
Ive NO idear at all if this is a complete list, exept for isue m1-m3 comps, i dont have 1-8 any way as original.

gens DEVPAC--- DevpacSYS (gdos3d)-- gens3M21 and mons3M21
"Lancet" random compilation
Disc M1 Compilation issue 1-3 (?)
Disc M2 Compilation issue 4-6 (?)
Disc M3 Compilation issue 7-8 (?)

Nieuwsbrief 01-08 compilation 1-8 nwbr all on 1 disk ???
Disc 09 Issue 9, Common files, eg: SECTORPIEK, CONVERT.BS
Disc 10 nwbr
Disc 14 Issue 14, Common files, eg: OPUSCAT, FRMAT64.BS
Disc 15 Issue 15, Common files, eg:SCTORSAVE, EXEC.MAKER
Disc 16 Issue 16, Common files, special GRAFIC DEFs From BOOK eg: DEFfn DEMO, DESIGNR.48

Disc 17 Common files, Best off ??? eg: DISCDOC+1, OKIE-POKIE
Disc 18 DISKFILER , Dutch 'readme'
Disc 19 ADULT Compilation , eg : EROS-18+, GLOEISEX
Disc 20 'Test' Compilation, 128TEST.BS , DI-TEST.BS
Disc 21 propped modem software---ERRORS !!!
Disc 21-part A part a ---Unpropped version of disk 21
Disc 21-part B part b --- Unpropped version of disk 21
Disc 22 Arrows & Windows for MOUSE and Joystick
Disc 23 TasWord-2 SPECIAL Disc

Disc 24 #0000 : 0E83 in 8 blocks 32000,20480 DISCiPLE ROM Dissassembly
Disc 25 #0E84 : 1A00 in 6 blocks 32000,20480 DISCiPLE ROM Dissassembly
Disc 26 #038A-31EE in 8 blocks 32000,20480 DISCiPLE ROM Dissassembly
Disc 27 #31EF-3FFF in 7 blocks 32000,20480 DISCiPLE ROM Dissassembly

Disc 28 Modemworks: STERM1-4.P , STERM5-8 , TW2 readme.