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The (editor of) The Young Ones television series made a joke or a statement about the so called Flashframes or Subliminal Stimuli which are said to influence watchers on a sublevel in their wide open minds.
This is a study about the actual used frames
this type of hidden material, ment funny, is being called " an easteregg "

season 02 episode 01 "babmi" between 13m 55s and 14m 01s
From the movie Carry on Cowboy

season 02 episode 02 "cash" after 13 minutes
Neil did coock some risotto

season 02 episode 03 "nasty" after 21 minutes

season 02 episode 05 "sick" after 20 minutes
Neil just mentioned "O, no, that is the most violent and highly dangerous ..."

season 02 episode 05 "sick" after 30 minutes
Rick distracts Vivian and Mike from Neils composted body with the lie "Aahh .. ehe,... he's emmigrated"

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