Hello, welkom at my Sinclair ZX Spectrum site

I am a Speccy user and fan since 1983. It started all when my father and brother bought one but actualy hardly touched the machine.
I started with the included tape and played "thro' the wall" and suddenly I was in the listing. Another minute later I realised I had removed line 300 RETURN, instead off bringing the cursor to that line. The most amazing things happend with the ball, the more "returns" I removed. Since that moment I have 'Speccy Feaver' ... which resulted in "the Dutch magazine archive" and a belonging disc-image page " Disciple Nieuwsbrief-DDiscs "

It started with just my scanned 11 pages off published listings, but now its 1500 pages and short off spaces. The files are available via WOS and some here.

Meanwhile things changed or seemed to change as it is still the same Speccy now with 128kilobytes, MultiColor, realtime samples?
Well, I still wonder when I see a new demo. I've never tried to code a demo but Ive done my own little thingies
Around 1991 I bought a Speccy set to get a DISCiPLE Diskdrive, so most off my progs are DISCiPLE orientated

Click there> to download SwitchGrey "SWgrey.zip" A DISCiPLE Gdos Disk image with a BASIC loader,
a FUNCTIONAL eXecutable made with ' SAVE "name"X,adres ' and a TornadoAssembler listing. Tornado is develloped by R. Koning.
This is a little "Patch" for DISCiPLE GDos3d greyscale printing. It checks for 3 bytes in the DISCiPLE RAM and switches these for an other triplet of bytes. Every switch is visible in the border with a COLOR signal or BL&WH signal
'SwitchGrey' was published in SGG Gronigen/Assen bulletin nov and dec 1996. The error was fixed at the time but that was never published, pitty, but the ZIP contains the GOOD version and works asfarasIknow always with any GDOS 3d and Specrtum combination.

Click there> to download FonT>#3 v2b(eta) "font-3-v2b.zip"another GDOS disk image. It contains Font>#3 v2b, promised as beta but more a gamma version as the basic part it still not workingout complete(ehum). This is a speccie font ripper which CONVERTS the 8x8 horizontal-font to an 11x8 vertical-font. )
As OUTPUT it produces an FILE WHICH YOU CAN MOVE DIRECTLY IN TO YOUR PRINTER Epson(FX)-type( and IBM commin-up).The MC includes IBM 9-needle printers now but I was to hasty after finaly getting out the error in MC. Next TODO is straighten up the basic part..
The zip contains a DISCIPLE-disk image.
On the MGT you find:
1> FNT>3#v2.b BAS
2> FNT>3#.mc2 CDE
3> tornado(c) CDE
4> Tornado(x) BAS
5> FNT>3v2bTA CDE
6> CronoSoft BAS
7> CronoFont CDE
8> Monitor CDE
9>leestorndo CDE

1> and 2 are the progs to be tested.
3> and 4> are the Assembler from Roelof Koning,(rewriten DISCiPLE-basic-loader(X), 'include' is only OPUS)
5> the assembly file for Tornado.
6> and 7> The Crono Font as an example to find on the disk, ( Thanks Sadako!! )
8> my favorite (64 char) mc-monitor, usr 25000 9> the dutch "read-me" from "Tornado Assembler" "Font>#3" is mainly a cluster off sub-menu's.
this can be confusing but with key "M" you should ALWAYS return one sub level back.
I start with the MAIN menu:
key 1: sets the internal Font VIEWadress locations in RAM via Poke 23606/07 and vars "aan" and "uit" the dutch words for "on" and "off".
key 2: sets range off characters, 1 to 96, sets use off needle 9 for under-score printing and lowering off "deep" chars : 9, q ,p ,g, j or any char you want '1 dot lower'
key 3 :disk-menu,DISCiPLE only, notYET tape and other filesources. density setting is not ok. use 's' and 'c' to copy this PD.
key 4:search menu, key '0' toggles disc and ram search. other keys SETS pointers to key a,b,c,d.
key 5: This is were i made it for, the MC routine: set conversion type with R.aster (ibm MUST), S.pread, real 11x8 instead of 8+3x8. F.ill close the 3bytes, fa.T makes a double Fill, so is depending on spread and fill. Chose printer type with 'P'
key 6: printer tests sets printer(epson)mode, char size etc. DONT WASTE YR PAPER WITH JUST TESTN' !!!
key 7: QUIT
key 8: (to)Short info blok

Well, ANY comment or critisme is realy WELCOME. the final (construction) aim is a SCREEN$ with the prog in it!!! this means a reducement of 15kb basic to 1.3 kb+678b machine code(now 678 byte). Would it be possible???
probably this explain is still short. So dont hesitate to ask any thingie.
The first version was published in the SGG Gronigen/Assen bulletin from march,april,may 1996 and you can see some Dutch! ...SCANS HERE... and infact y'll find alot 'SGG-Bulletins' aswel
The viewer is Tomas Vilim's his Crash-viewer. Check the WOS link
By the way, I've put some censureship on all adresses off which I had doubt to be PRIVATE, thats why the black stripes show up.

For the patient BASIC lovers : one off my never ending projects (-: N E P :-)
Click there> to go to the WOS page with 4-on-A-row This is my very slow and very basic game of "4 on A row" cq "4Connect" the blue vertical game with slides for red and yellow stones. I once decided to make some as a challange, so you can play against the Spectrum it self, and you can let Speccie play against it self by filling in it's name TWICE
The BASIC version is able to play over the InterFace1 or DISCiPLE Network, with 2 speccie's,
The Compiled version is fast and therefor playable but has no network feature
If you have an ZXemulator (probably) put it at FULLspeed. At this moment I use RealSpectrum from RAMsoft. Check the WOS link

Click there> to download Gdosboot "sys-3d.zip" with a IMG from my DISCiPLE start disk.
It contains e.g. ' CONV3d' ,a basic listing to convert Gdos 3b to 3d,
SWgrey to switch greyscale printing in 3d version, it is like an toggling patch. ONLY SWITCHgrey is my program!!!!
Further it contains 2 VERY STRONG UTILS SW48, SW128 to switch 48<>128 MODE with-OUT the 'USR 0' statement, Developped by the people from the formal "DISCiPLE Nieuwsbrief".
You can see the DISCiPLE manual in Dutch and English ...HERE... and you may want to have a look at "DISCiPLE Nieuwsbrief" issue Combi123, 4 to 16 aswel !!!.
Most scans are around 40-90 Kb in 100DPI. If there exist more issue's PLEASE tell me or better SEND THEM in paper or 100dpi-scan.
Email = left above in this screen. Another point is readabilaty and download time. I could make a 300 or 600 dpi archive, very readable, but time and space consuming, so if it is UNreadable for you tell me and Ill put an 150dpi scan inplace. Or even the lot???
Some scans are just as bad as the original as not all mags are printed in glossy shiny a4 color

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